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Tex might be mean but I'm not.

If I'm doing anything wrong. Making her too nice, kind, evil...leave a message here and I'll do my best to work on it. Comments screened and anon allowed.

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General Information
Name: Allison
Alias: Tex, Agent Texas
Canon: Red vs. Blue
Canon Point:
House Mates:

- Her armor
- Her two M6G Magnums. One clip each.
- The invisibility feature for her armour
- Her army dogtags back: They just say "Agent Texas" on them
- A few grenades
- Her sniper rifle
- Super-strength armour enhancement
- Her Cloaking armour enhancement


Mar. 6th, 2012 12:20 am
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Where I keep the stories or random things I write for Mayfield settings. 
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[Tex see's the people on the hunt for human flesh. She's been scavening for supplies most of the day. But it's hard to miss the chaos once it starts. Well then. It seems she get's to put her skills into use here after all.

A. A running start and there is now a red haired women in the middle of a group of cannibals. Maybe they were about to grab you. Maybe they were going after you. Maybe you're just seeing this from down the street. But they aren't any more as Tex is in the process of beating the crap out of them. She's quick, precise, and clearly know what she's doing as she snaps one of their necks.

B. Weapon acquired. She doesn't need a gun to kill but it sure as hell makes it a lot easier. Same situation as above. Only this time the group goes down a lot quicker as Tex kills them. Thank her? Ask what the hell she's doing out here? Run away?

C. Even soldiers need breaks. Tex is leaning against the side of a building getting her barrings and her breath back. She's got a gun strapped to her back and is watching people go by. She needs to get back to her house soon.]

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Monday: GYM CLASS. There is a mean lady standing in front of you. She's wearing army dog tags and looks like she could punch out someone.]

Alright. I'm going to make one thing VERY clear. Show up to class, and you ARE going to train. If you want to survive here longer then a day during some of the crap they put us through, then you're going to NEED to be able to defend yourself. And since I'm stuck as your teacher here. That means I'M in charge and I'm going to teach you.

If by some miracle you DO know how to fight already, come and talk to me and we'll see where you are in terms of skill. Also if you want to whine about how this isn't fair and you don't want to run? Get it over with now,  because after today, my first reaction is going to be to send you to a class full of drones and tell them you're supposed to take note for someone. 

Five minutes of running. Let's see how many laps around the gym can you do. 



Oh god there's a robot in the park, run, run! ...Oh wait it's just a woman in armour. Though you might not be able to tell the woman part. Tex is practising fighting in the park with her armour. If you stop and stare long enough you'll get her attention.

Do you want her attention? 

C. TAVERN: Aren't drone bartenders the best? ...what you're a woman what are you doing here? ...okay this is starting to really piss Tex off. If you're in the bar you might have noticed a drone being punched in the face by an angry red head.]

I said FUCK OFF! 
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[Waking up in a strange room, with a guy in her bed. Well it's either the first day all over again and she's going to discover it's fucking April or something, or she is still in some horrible nightmare.

She looks down to find she's wearing a tight dress of some kind

Yup. This is a nightmare.  Anyway, just going to get up and try to leave.

Neal will no doubt wake up to her pounding on the door.]
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I'd say this place has issues but I'm pretty sure everyone knew that by now. The obession with milk .... kinda disturbing though. 

Hey, Caboose. You still alive?

[Tex isn't new to this place. So when she finds a package with her name on it she grabs it and opens it.

A. You can see a woman holding up some silver army dog tags and looking at them at her mailbox. 

B. Hey "Nick" your "wife" want's a word with you. She's inside the house.

C. At the gym, working out. That poor punching back is getting the crap beaten out of it.

D. At the bar. Any drone that looks at her funny, get's either a glare or a rude gesture back.]

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[Action for household:

The first thing that tells her something's wrong is that she wakes up at all. But after looking around she realizes with a frustrated snarl, where she is...again. 

So close. She'd been so fucking close...Ugh. Fucking hell. She gets up and goes to go look for her stuff. And once she finds her small pile of items she starts reassembling one of the guns while she picks up the phone.]


Okay well that was a fucking waste of time. Hey whoever's in charge here, here's a great idea, if you're going to send me back home, then leave me there for longer then a day! And I was kinda in the middle of something back there.

....fucking cockbites. 

[Just irritated but putting the gun down and looking around. She moves to look out the window as she's talking.]

So yeah. Guess I'm back then-   

-where the hell did the snow go?

[Looking out the window again, sun, people in shorts...]

Fucking hell, what month is this?
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 [Household, or Kuki as it were, Tex wasn't really interested in Christmas, bah humbug and all that. But she picks up the letter anyway figuing it might be good for a laugh. It takes her a moment to read it though and then...and then....just stares at it.

And stares. She doesn't realize but the phone is knocked off the hook as she takes a step backwards knocking against the table. Her voice is strangely broken and filled with grief.]

Do you think I don't fucking know that!


Fuck this...

[She suddenly realizes the phone is off the hook and slams it down.]

((OOC: Thank you so much to the anonymous Christmas gift giver. Putting them to good use.))
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 [Hey, Mayfield. Mayfield. Guess who got an attack Turkey...

Well since the phone just got bashed off the hook. Okay well the table got flipped can now hear an angry voice. Albeit she always sounds angry.]

Come back here and fucking die already! 

[Kuki feel free to see not!Mom in an epic battle with a roasted turkey and a knife. After a few more minutes of smashes though Mayfield will hear an amused scoff.]

Well at least I got some entertainment out of this stupid holiday crap.
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[The phone is off the hook so you might be able to hear.]

....well I guess this beats babysitting.

[She picks up the phone of the table and begins to talk.]

This is a message for any of the girls in my gym class.  My name is Tex, not Mrs. Beth, Tex.  I'm one of the new gym teachers and in my class you're going to actually work. Bring clothes for running. If I see any dresses I'll make you run in them anyway. And you might want to learn how to do some real pushups. You'll be doing those as well.

[Tex has been assigned a new job. High School Gym teacher. Girls, meet your new gym teacher from Hell.]

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[Tex was standing of to the side of the park, helmet off as she stretched. This place was annoying as hell but at least she was getting some decent fights out of it. Now all she had to do was beat some BLU idiot...wasn't irony great, and she'd be able to move up a level. Though honestly she was only here to get a workout and for something to do, anything else would just be extra.]
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[Filtered to Prussia]

Armstrong told me to talk to you. It's about the army you have here.
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[Tex woke up today to a phone call telling her that she's apparently been missing work. Which is odd because she's positive she wasn't hired by anyone. It's all cleared up though in a long phone call that ends in much swearing and family....the wall now has a dent in it. And mommy is pissed. Also drone!daddy's locked in a closet, knocked out.]

....stupid cockingbitingfucktards.....

How do I quit my job?
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[You may run into Tex in a few places

1. If you're in the rec center, she's working out. Or assulting the punching bag. It may be hard to tell the difference.

2. The local bar, getting a drink and glaring at the rude treatment she gets from the drones. You might notice she'd rather like to punch them if her fists are any indecation of that.

3. In the store, buying some sewing supplies. No she does not look like the sort of person who would be buying this stuff at all.]

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[Tex was droned for six hours after coming back to Mayfield. Family, feel free to have been pestered by her in some way. If you ever bring it up though she will threaten you. Aka: This never happened. Also ignore the metal crutches in her closet. She's only keeping them because they might be useful later on.

At the moment if you walk by the house there is a woman who looks unusally happy for once. She seems to be methodically checking over some armor and cleaning it.]
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[You can bet Tex put up one hell of a fight before being brought to be re-educated however they were strong enough to subdue even her. And when she woke up in the morning in the apartment she realized with a sickening feeling that her new body was missing something. More specifically it was missing the left leg. She manages to get it somewhat looked after with what she can remember of her training. But she realizes that this is going to be  a large set back and as much as she hates to ask for help.]

.....does anyone have some crutches?

[She's already working on plan B. Trying to make a broom into a crutch.]
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[She's been out exploring for a while and after a while decides it'd be in her best interest to go along. So there is a women going into everyone's houses with some paper and pencil. She doesn't look happy.]

How many potatos do you have?
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[Tex was walking around the town, trying to get a fix on what the town was like. She's drawing some odd looks from the drones due to the fact that she's still wearing male clothing. She also has a jaket that she is using to concel the knives she stole from her kitchen. She can be found all around the town as she looks around.]


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